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Matching Sake With Food - Part 2

May 27, 2016 11:52 am

Last time we talked about the importance of the three fundamental concepts (balance, harmony, “wash”) and the flavor characteristics (sweetness, dryness, bitterness, richness, aroma) of sake as relates to matching sake with food. For those who would like to get into more detail, please read

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Matching Sake with Food - Part 1

May 25, 2016 11:48 am

Matching Sake with Food – Part 1 Hiroshi Kawabata 10/2005 Unlike in the case of wine, there hasn’t been a lot of discussion about how to match sake with food. While it’s given that we want to eat and drink well, the important thing to keep in mind is that the way sake and food go together

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Jet Alumni Association

November 23, 2007 8:46 am

A Teacher to Champions By Daniel J. Stone, Assistant Language Teacher, Saitama, 2004-2007 I first caught the international “bug” when Los Angeles hosted the Olympic Games in 1984. It was around that time that I began playing football for a local Pop Warner league. Nearly twenty years later, two

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Sushi and Tofu Magazine is a monthly newsletter, for complimentary circulation, with the primary objective of introducing Japanese culture to the non-Japanese residents of Southern California with particular emphasis on cuisine, language, its business community, and geographic regions.

Sushi and Tofu will have a complimentary circulation of 51,000. People who enjoy our publica[latest-selected-content limittion are about 150,000.

Executive Summary

There is an estimated 22,000,000 Americans (3,000,000 of them Asians, 300,000 Japanese Americans, and 50,000 native Japanese) currently residing in Southern California. There are over 350,000 Americans working for the 2,000 Japanese corporations located in southern California on a daily basis. Although Japan is said to be a very important country to the United States, Japan is rarely featured in the Los Angeles limes, on major television networks or in the American media. In fact, many American think that Japan is an extension of China! Very few college students know the name of the Japanese Prime Minister, and most Japanese American s do not speak Japanese creating a cultural gap between Americans and Japanese. A medium is needed to fill this gap. That is the objective of Voice of Sushi and Tofu, and its approach is determined and focused: to increase the number of Americans familiar with, and favorable to, Japan and things Japanese: promote true mutual understanding between the two countries; and finally, to educate Americans about Japan. This will be accomplished by using the media and advertisement, promoting trips to Japan and primarily introducing Japanese culture through its history, food, language, organizations, corporations and thereby contributing to society as a whole by creating a non-political, bicultural entity in the private sector.


  • Deepen relationships between the United States and Japan and increase the number of households familiar with, and favorable to anything related to Japan.
  • Promote cultural exchanged by highlighting remarkable aspects of Japanese life, namely food, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and the like.
  • Encourage tourism and the flow of American travel to Japan by fostering better understanding between the two groups.
  • Assist business community in attaining its goals.
  • Encourage networking and facilitate communication among civic, social and other community groups.