Best Brand of Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha is a distinct, finely ground powdered green tea that’s special in two ways: how it’s grown and how it’s processed. The matcha green tea foliage is sheltered out of the sun during the last several weeks before harvesting to increase the chlorophyll content of the leaves and augment their elegant green color. Processing is done by carefully grounding the leaves using stone grinding wheels which yield a magically fine powder.

The exceedingly fine powder is the matcha green tea powder that’s used to brew frothy green tea that’s rich in antioxidants. It is also used in other recipes such as baking and smoothies. This green tea powder isn’t steeped or strained out like other kinds of teas. Green tea leaves are grounded to make matcha green tea powder, which means that you consume the entire leaf. As such, match is more potent than any other type of tea, it is exceedingly rich in antioxidants and ha many healthy living benefits.

What To Consider When Buying Matcha

where to find matcha green tea powderColor is a crucial consideration when buying match. The best quality matchahas a bright spring green color. A rich spring green color translates into better flavored matcha with greater antioxidant power. Some matchas can be despicably poor in quality. Frankly, muddy brownish matcha would yield quite horrible junk. If you haven’t used top quality matcha you could be probably thinking that matcha isn’t your thing. It’s important that you get your hands to a top quality matcha and then make a proper assessment because all matchas aren’t made the same. The highest quality matcha originates from japan, China and Taiwan.

Matcha Prices

Matcha isn’t cheap, and what you pay for is what you get. If you’re being offered matcha at a cut-rate, chances are that you’ll get a variety of disgusting quality. Generally, top quality 30g of matcha trades for between $20 and $50. If you are not in a position to spend $20 or $30 on tea every so often, then consider buying matcha infrequently, but purchase high quality stuff. It doesn’t help when you buy sub-standard matcha in the name of saving some bucks only to hate it altogether.

Best Brands of Matcha

Mountain Rose Herbs is one of the best brands of matcha green tea powder. The Organic Matcha Tea by Mountain Rose Herbs is strictly harvested from selected organic plantations and is greatly satisfying owing to its bold green color, mild sweet taste, health benefits as well as invigoration and comfort it provides. Check the link below to find out where to get it:

Tao of Tea specializes in blending Chinese and Japanese matcha green tea. The Tao of Tea Liquid Jade powdered matcha green tea is one of their best varieties. The matcha is organicwith a rich, buttery and oceanic taste. Tao of Tea matcha also tends to be somewhat sweeter than other matcha brands and makes for a delicious and nutritious cup of green tea.

DOMATCHAis among the most popular matcha brands. It is available in varieties, including small packets, culinary matcha and crème de la crème ceremonial matcha. DOMATCHA organic ceremonial matcha is produced from the highest grade of leaves and is certified by Japan’s Organic & Natural Foods Association.

The Republic of Tea is another top Matcha brand mostly found at Whole Foods. Their matcha is available in tins as well as tea bags, which makes it very convenient. Additionally, The Republic of Tea has a strikingly unique and exciting product called matchia – a mixture of matcha green tea powder with chia seeds. Matchia offers you more benefits in its fibers(nutrients as well as proteins)and makes very good smoothies.